Duluth Towing Is WreckMaster Certified

Safety is number one for us here at Duluth Towing. Our operators ensure that the working area at every scene and everyone involved is not in danger of any careless mistakes. We go above and beyond the expected and are proud to be WreckMaster certified. Our customers are our highest priority; without them, we would not have made it this far. Thank you! The trust placed in our hands with vehicles and equipment is truly honorable. Our customers are assured, with our operators, their vehicle/equipment is in the best hands. At Duluth Towing, we believe in efficiency as well as professionalism as the foundation for providing quick and friendly assistance to those we serve while extending our knowledge and skills to everything we do here!

Over 50 Years Of Towing Experience In The Industry
When you trust Duluth Towing with your vehicle, you are placing that trust in responsible and experienced hands. Our membership with the Minnesota Tow Association and TRAA ensures we are constantly updated, learning new best practices, and engaging with other experienced towers to share industry knowledge and innovation. When you work with us, you have the peace of mind that all of our employees are nationally certified - you are in the best possible hands!

About WreckMaster Training

WreckMaster offers a comprehensive training program focused on Incident Management and quick highway clearance. Since 1991 WreckMaster has focused its efforts on providing the towing and recovery operator with the skills required to make them safe, efficient, and effective. Each WreckMaster training school consists of at least two days of towing and recovery training.

Each morning is spent in the classroom discussing theory, and each afternoon is spent in the field dealing with real-life situations.

WreckMaster graduates will carry a photo ID card that indicates their skill level.

About TRAA

Founded in 1979 in Kansas City, Missouri TRAA is the umbrella trade group and national voice of the towing and recovery industry, which is estimated to include more than 35,000 towing businesses in the United States. TRAA’s membership includes professionals from the United States, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand.

TRAA represents the interests of the towing and recovery industry on Capitol Hill, sponsoring annual events and meetings that are attended by members as well as state association officers and leaders. TRAA also produces an array of educational products supporting professionalism in towing and recovery and business management.

We are affiliated with the following associations:

Towing 011

Move Over Laws

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Emergency Road Service Coalition of America

Towing 012


Towing 014

The Towing and Recovery Association Of America

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